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CodeBlue Clothing Pvt Ltd

Noida Uttar Pradesh India

CodeBlue Clothing Pvt Ltd is Exporter, Manufacturer located at Noida in India, Uttar Pradesh and offers Bridal Sarees, Designer Shirt, Dupatta, Kurta, Kurties etc. as Boys Wear, General, Girls wear, Ladies Wear, Mens Clothing, Mens Wear, Womens Clothing etc. Their business region is Asia, India . The company established in the year 2010.

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Location Address :
CodeBlue Clothing Pvt Ltd
F-55, D Block, Sector 11,
Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301, India

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Codeblue Clothing Private Limited is a Non-govt company, incorporated on 08 Jun, 2010. It serves as a prominent sourcing hub for leading e-commerce and retail players in India. The company has earned its position as a preferred partner for renowned e-commerce names that entrust Codeblue with responsibilities in product development, manufacturing, and design solutions, employing a holistic approach.
With a primary focus on textile manufacturing for the past 14 years, Codeblue Clothing Private Limited continues to actively drive its operations. The current board members and directors, namely BHASKAR RAUTHAN, VAIBHAV SHARMA and NAVITA SHARMA contribute to the company’s strategic direction.
Codeblue Clothing Private Limited has earned a reputation for for delivering top-notch products based on continuous trend mapping, design insights and stringent quality processes that are integral to the organization.


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