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Topindus is Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier located at Xiamen in China, Fujian and offers Hats & Headwear, T-Shirts etc. as Boys Wear, General, Kids Wear, Mens Clothing, Mens Wear etc. Textile fabrics are based on Cotton, Damask, Polyester, Satin Fabric, Taffeta materials. Their business region are Europe, Middle East, Nigeria, North America, Portugal, Qatar, Samoa, UK, USA etc. The company established in the year 2001.

Company / Shop / Store Locations :China,

Location Address :
No. 356-6, Jiyin Road,
Tong’an, Xiamen, Fujian, China


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Topindus Decorative Labels & Patches Co., Ltd. concentrates on providing fashionable and well-designed accessory products, including custom labels, patches, pullers, drawcords, T-shirts, hats, traction pads, surfing leashes with logos. As a professional customized apparel and accessory manufacturer & supplier with years of experience, we have been creating excellent opportunities for customers to promote their brands.

Over the years, Topindus has implemented the principle of quality first and service utmost. With professional design and inspection teams and advanced technology, we are confident of ensuring that the products customers receive are made of the finest-quality materials and by the best techniques. And the prices of our accessories are competitive in the industry. Moreover, customer service is another factor we take into consideration. We are trying our best to make a great difference in the final products to offer enjoyment to our customers in the cooperation.

We hope that our custom accessories can be loved by many people and are suitable for any type of branding needs.

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